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Performance & Audition Readiness

Recent Workshop

Title Singers Workshop • Performance & Auditions Readiness
Venue MEDEA Studio, 4 Hillcrest Avenue, Cascade
Date(s) Friday 18th January 2019 - Monday 18 February 2019


The coaching will prepare you to sing one brief standard R&B, pop or rock'n'roll song that shows off your voice and range. Please bring a lyric printed sheet of the song you are going to sing that is NOT material from The Lion King or other standard Broadway theatre musical.

The workshop is a series of very special sessions at a subsidised cost from Glenda Collens for singers seeking to improve their performance and is available only to registrants of the Disney Lion King Auditions. The workshop is not for beginners or those seeking general voice coaching maintenance which is available after the auditions at the regular fees and times. See Voice Coaching.

Fees TT$ 500 @ 6 contact hours


All voice sessions are one to one coaching by

Glenda Collens

2 contact hours per week (3 weeks) - 6 voice or 4 voice and 2 dance/drama group sessions**

** Subject to dance/drama coach availability otherwise will be 2 voice sessions.

Registration CLOSED


Recent Workshop

Title Glenda Collens Perforrmance Techniques
Venue MEDEA Studio, 4 Hillcrest Avenue, Cascade
Date(s) Saturday-Sunday, 25-26 August 2018
Time(s) All Day
Sponsor MusicTT Artist Portfolio Development Programme


You are your voice! Everything you do, and feel, has an impact on your voice.

As a practitioner of the craft of singing, it is important to think of not only your voice, but your entire body as your instrument.

To understand your instrument you must engage your body and mind. We will call them your tools.

The focus of our time together will be to identify your tools. Tools you will learn to master so that you may deliver a winning performance every time.

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Performance Singing

When your voice is strong, self-assured and confident, everyone listens to you. This kind of voice is attainable by everyone!  The singer who becomes “hoarse” midway through a performance or the speaker who “loses” their voice five minutes into a three hour long lecture can develop a stronger voice. Vocal training is critical to building and maintaining your instrument.

Breathing & Diction

  • Breath control and finding your range
  • Intonation and tone
  • Loud and soft attack
  • Dynamics: crescendo & diminuendo
  • Rhythm/Pluse

Rehearsal Techniques

  • Learning new music
  • Song and character analysis
  • Use of backing tracks
  • Working with an accompanist
  • Learning not to oversing

Live Performance

  • Owning the stage/stage presence
  • Use of the entire body to perform
  • Imagination and space


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