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Glenda Collens Studio Concert

Glenda Collens Studio Concert

A showcase of performers coached by Glenda Collens.

Featuring: Jiselle Singer (SOUL), Alethea Beharry (ROCK) and Azaria Darneaud (CLASSICAL).

Fiesta Plaza, MovieTowne, Port of Spain, Saturday 20 March 2021, 8.00pm. Admission Free.

Accompanied by: Enrique Ali (piano), Inge Schlüer (viloin), David Webber (viola) and Vance Umphrey (pan).

Credits: Glenda Collens (voice coach), Shane Collens (graphics), Giles Pettipher (sound), Heathcliffe West (Fiesta Plaza).

Jiselle Singer

Jiselle Singer


Jiselle Singh, aka Jiselle Singer, is a singer-songwriter-poet with a voice that echoes the likes of Billie Holiday and Erykah Badu. She embodies the essence of a soulful woman, commanding attention but manifesting the vulnerability to be raw and authentic.

Her genres are considered neo-soul and afro-pop and there are genre-defying elements to her music that make her sound refreshing and exhilarating .

Her hidden pleasure is also a source of inspiration. Fascinated by British period dramas and African American biopics, Jiselle utilizes the storylines to write some of her songs. She paints a picture of the characters' journeys, sprinkling bits of her truth into her work to give her lyrics credibility.

Jiselle is often referred to as an ancient soul. She has a deep consciousness of her impact on this world and her goal is to shift the paradigm of the universe through music that arises from presence.

Alethea Beharry

Alethea Beharry


Alethea Beharry describes her music as "Indie" and was singing since she could first speak at the age of three. She has bathed her childhood in music with various accolades under her belt in New York, Australia and Trinidad.

Of particular interest are placements in West End Presbyterian Junior Choir, Yamaha Keyboard Music Festival, Novice Category with countless more in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago.

Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Alethea has been schooled and mentored by such local and international talents as Tania Kirk, Sheldon Morales, Lenore Mahase – Samaroo, while spending her adult years affiliated with staples of the local music industry like Charles Brunner Music School, Prestige Vocal Academy, Brian MacFarlane's "Christmas Joy".

Most recently she has been chosen to be one of MusicTT's Spotlight artists and has been featured on their latest EP, with her own solo record eyeing a release in the coming month.

Azaria Darneau

Azaria Darneaud


Azaria Darneaud is a new young voice, presently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts with Specialisation in Music performance at UTT, where she is coached by Glenda Collens.

This will be her debut performance on the concert stage here at Fiesta Plaza. She is in pursuit of her dreams for a life on the stage and is excited and eager to showcase her talents to audiences around the world.

Enrique Ali

Enrique Ali


Enrique Ali is considered by many to be one of Trinidad and Tobago's most accomplished and well-regarded classical pianists and accompanists. A graduate of New York University in Piano Performance, he subsequently did graduate studies in Pittsburgh and Nice, France, specialising in Vocal Coaching and Accompanying.

Enrique has appeared as both soloist and accompanist, as well as music adjudicator, locally and regionally throughout the Caribbean (Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent), and internationally (USA, the UK, France, P. R. of China). He has been the principal accompanist for the Marionettes Chorale for many years.

In 1998 Enrique was the recipient of The President's Award for Creativity and Excellence in the Performing Arts in Trinidad and Tobago.

Inge Schlüer

Inge Schlüer


Inge Schlüer is a violinist, vocalist and pianist with Trinidadian and German roots. She has been performing on stage from the tender age of five when she debuted with the renowned Lydian Singers.

Schlüer has represented Trinidad & Tobago proudly on several international stages over four continents, and has worked with and performed for several personalities such as Prince Charles (Prince of Wales), Brian McFarlane (International Mas Desginer), John Thomas, and Glenda Collens to name a few.

Her dedication to her development and the education of others in the field of music has led her to attain a BA. Musical Arts and a M.Ed. International education. Schlüer has also spent time teaching and sharing her culture in countries across the Americas, Africa and most recently Asia and is devoted to sharing her passion of the arts with the world.

David Webber

David Webber


David Webber hails from Arima and is a third-year student at the University of Trinidad and Tobago; pursuing his Bachelor of fine arts in Music. He is strongly driven by the technical difficulty of playing the violin and wish to study further in the field of music history.

David is also an accomplished musician at the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago where he has experience in playing both violin and viola for international philharmonic, as well as local music. Outside of music David enjoys nights out, tailoring, hiking, and swimming.

Vance Umphrey

Vance Umphrey


Vance Umphrey is a multi-instrumentalist from the United States. After completing a B.A. in Performance in both Piano and Percussion from Humboldt State University he has pursued the steel pan as his primary instrument.

Vance has performed with steel orchestras throughout the U.S., France, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago, currently with Hadco Phase II. He has recorded pan on multiple albums playing styles of traditional steel orchestra, jazz and contemporary.



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